6 best courses to launch your remote career as a social media manager

In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the best social media marketing courses out there for kickstarting your new remote career.

With the recent rise of remote jobs and people seeking to work from the comfort of their homes, now’s as good a time as any to brush up on your social media marketing skills.

More and more businesses are looking to spread the word to new customers through social media platforms, that’s why there couldn’t be a better moment to take one of the following excellent social media marketing courses.

Social Media Certification by HubSpot

First up on this list is a free social media marketing course from highly regarded online training website HubSpot Academy.

This course includes over 40 videos and 9 lessons adding up to almost 5 hours of free content, making it essential viewing if you have your eyes set on remote jobs.

By taking on this reputable course you will learn all about how to develop winning social media strategies for your new business.

Facebook Blueprint Certification Exams

This next course is laid on by social media giant Facebook, and is geared towards those with an interest in mastering marketing through their platform.

A great way to figure out how you can use Facebook as a tool to grow the reach of your business, this course can help you get your remote career off to a flying start

YouTube Certification

A social media marketing course aimed at helping you get to grips with the hugely popular video sharing service, this YouTube certification course will teach you all the ins and outs.

Video is a medium used frequently by businesses to create interest in a product or service in this day and age, so it’s worth brushing up on your YouTube knowledge with this official course.

Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is an extremely useful resource, and this social media marketing course aimed at beginners will be all you need to start using for your business.

Knowing the consumer and their habits is vital in acquiring new business, and Google Analytics is one of the best tools out there for tracking such behavior, so this course should be essential.

Instagram Marketing 2020: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Followers  

This social media marketing course focussing on Instagram specifically will teach you how to grow your follower base in 2020.

Many businesses have accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, yet struggle to create a big enough follower base to create more interest in their service or product.

 As a result, it’s important to know the tips and tricks that can help you naturally grow the number of people following your Instagram account.

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1 –

This last social media marketing course includes everything you’ll need to know when you first start out with marketing your business.

From effective social media strategies to improve the visibility of your posts with SEO, this course offers a great deal of value and lots of insight into how you can take your remote business to the next level.

If you’re at a loss when it comes to generating traffic to your business through social media, these courses should help you move in the right direction.

Master social media marketing strategy and you’ll be well on your way to launching your remote career as a social media manager.

Let us know what you think about these courses, and if you can think of any other great social media marketing courses, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know!

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