Remote Marketing Jobs – Summary of 13 main roles

The marketing sector is one of the most well-adapted industries for remote jobs.  Gone are the days of long commutes and cubicles—today there are plenty of opportunities for marketing experts to work from home. 

Working remotely isn’t the only benefit you can enjoy in this sector.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate among marketers is set to continue growing between now and 2028.

Read on to get the lowdown on 10 great remote marketing jobs and the skills you’ll need to nab them.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers develop and drive online advertising campaigns.  They are focused on getting measurable results from their marketing strategies, such as click-through rates, website visits and social media engagement.  This is a great remote job for any online marketing expert who considers themselves an all-rounder.

To be a successful digital marketer, you’ll need to have excellent organisational skills  You need to thoroughly plan your strategies and stay on top of your campaigns’ performance by monitoring and analysing data. Digital Marketing Managers make an average of just under $70,000 a year in the United States (Glassdoor)

Email Marketing Expert

Email Marketing Experts focus on reaching and growing their clients’ audiences through compelling email campaigns.  They work with automation software and analyse traffic to boost engagement via email.

For this remote marketing role you need top-notch communication skills and an acute awareness of how to make audiences pay attention to their inboxes.  As you will be coordinating designers and content writers, you also need to be comfortable managing teams. An Email Marketing Expert can expect to earn an average of $54,000 a year in the United States (Glassdoor).

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketers have one major role – to connect companies to their audience. In addition, they help firms build brands, raise sales, and drive traffic to websites.

More and more organizations are beginning to see the value of social media in their marketing strategies, which is why there’s a surge in demand for these professionals. 

Now, to be a great social media marketer, you should be a social media native, who can identify the right audience and end goals for a given company. Your ultimate objective could be getting more followers, increasing sales or improving social engagement.

You should also be able to create quality content that will resonate with the audience. Social media marketing is not strictly 9 to 5. This position primarily involves monitoring and tweaking posts, real-time, which can be done from anywhere. 

Graphic Design

Graphic design can be done at home or from anywhere provided you have a laptop. That said, you need to be self-driven so you can stick to your working hours and deadlines. You also need to invest in the best programs and softwares for the job.

Research and learn about new technologies and trends. This way you’ll ensure that your skills remain relevant in your industry.

When seeking graphic design roles, your CV will not be enough. Employers are interested in what you can deliver, and a portfolio is the best way to show that. You could also create a website, a Behance profile and social media presence to show the world what you can do.

Public Relations

The role of public relations is to keep up a particular image for your company. This often includes managing negative publicity surrounding a brand, generating brand awareness and coverage. A PR consultant needs to have excellent writing, research, digital and networking skills.

To work remotely, you need tenacity and a lot of self-motivation. This role comes with a great deal of pressure. You need to meet deadlines and respond promptly to emails and calls, at times, outside of the 9 to 5 schedule.

Marketing Analyst

If you love crunching figures and are painfully detail-oriented, this is an excellent job that you can do remotely. It requires you to analyse data and convert it into marketing or brand strategy. 

The nature of this job calls for a quiet working environment that lets you be productive. For some, the ideal work setting is at home, away from the distractions of fellow colleagues and noisy office equipment.

For a marketer, there are many opportunities to work remotely provided you possess the right skills and are self-motivated. Skills and experience are great qualities, but if you’ll also need to be self-motivated and self-disciplined.  

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