Technical Talent Sourcer, EMEA

  • 2 years ago

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    Location Restrictions EMEA only

Job Description

About the role
Shopify is now permanently remote and working towards a future that is digital by design. Learn more about what this can mean for you.

Shopify empowers more than 1 million merchants from all over the world to succeed at entrepreneurship. We’re with our merchants each step of the way to help them start, and scale their businesses while allowing them to sell through numerous channels.

If you are driven by new challenges, hustle and great growth opportunities this is the place to be! Our mission is simple: Make commerce better for everyone, everywhere. As Talent Sourcers at Shopify, we find and engage the best people for the right role in Shopify at the right time, wherever they are in the world. We come from diverse backgrounds and before working at Shopify; we were art historians, evolutionary biologists, marketers, UX designers, cultural programmers, servers, software developers, and sometimes talent sourcers.

About the role

The thing is, the best people are everywhere, and they often aren’t considering a career move. This is where Talent Sourcers come in. Talent Sourcers are the detectives of Shopify’s Talent Acquisition Team, scouring the internet and meeting people to introduce them to Shopify. Sourcing is more than sitting day in and day out on everyone’s favourite business networking site, building pipelines of passive candidates: it’s a valued technical craft that marries a deep desire to understand people and their motivations with the tenacity to find the right people in the best way.

Right now, we’re looking for Talent Sourcers to partner with the EMEA TA team and to hire for our Engineering organisation. These teams are full of strong and creative partners. The continuous goal of hiring highly qualified talent means that we’re always rising to new challenges and iterating on our best practices. You’ll have a chance to dive deeply into the technologies our teams are using, and what exactly they’re building to make commerce better for everyone.

Requirements for the Role

  • Experience with talent sourcing as a craft. You understand that this is not a bandaid or a quick fix sort of role. You’ve lived the experience, tried out the hacks, and unearthed the candidates no one knew about. You understand the “power of a pivot”, and can identify which candidates should be considered for which roles at which times.
  • Curiosity about people and their motivations. You want to know not just what people do, but why/how they do it and how that might be transferable to Shopify.
  • Constant prioritization and a sense of urgency. You know how to work with multiple competing priorities, to shift focus as needs or requirements change, and to manage the expectations of those you work with.
  • Technical fluency. You have a deep appreciation for the ways technology makes work better, and are comfortable learning/using different tools to accomplish a goal.
  • A love of language. You enjoy wordplay, both written and spoken, and are always looking for ways to better your communication. You specifically enjoy crafting compelling narratives to convince or persuade folks to chat with us about opportunities at Shopify.
  • Methodical and goal-driven approach. You look for ways to break a problem down into smaller parts, work backwards from a desired outcome, and iterate based on what you’ve learned. Total addressable market, conversion rates, and LinkedIn Dark Matter are all familiar topics when searching.
  • Dedication to building diverse teams. You understand that a diverse team outperforms a homogeneous team, and that it takes active work to build a diverse pool of candidates.
  • You’re keen to identify those technically skilled folks who may not come from a typical computer science background.
  • Comfort with autonomy. You know that you don’t have all the answers, but you are pretty sure that you can find them. You enjoy the freedom of self-directed work, and relish the chance to figure things out for yourself. The prospect of working digital by design is exciting to you.

Qualities you likely have to be well suited to this role

  • Resourcefulness and creativity when solving problems.
  • Tenacity to continue iterating on a search to find just the right person/people for a role.
  • Strong recall of details and ability to make connections between the current situation and those that have come before.
  • Anticipating future outcomes/challenges and building them into your plan (i.e. future proofing), and resilience when roadblocks emerge.
  • Interest in technology and the communities that emerge around it.
  • Optimism and sense of drive.


You’ll be working on things like

  • Mentoring teammates on new ways to deepen their technical craft.
  • Identifying companies to explore based on industry, financial state, recent acquisitions etc. in addition to talent mapping.
  • Researching future Shopify employees using LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, Dribbble, Google, and other social media sites.
  • Coming up with, and executing on, creative ways to source and engage new candidates.
  • Identifying and evaluating new data mining tools to be used to accelerate your work.
  • Continually answering the question, “who should we be reaching out to”.
  • Projects related to improving the sourcing craft and engineering hiring at Shopify.

We know that looking for a new role can be both exciting and time-consuming, and we truly appreciate your effort. Mackenzie is an actual real live person and is looking forward to learning more about you through your application. And remember, we want to know what you’re really interested in building and why you want to build it at Shopify, so please give us as much detail on this as you’d like in your cover letter – we do love a good story.