Product Manager – Community

  • 3 years ago

Job Information

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    No. of Openings 1 opening
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    Location Restrictions USA only

Job Description


Metabase needs a Product Manager for all things community and education. We have a large, active community of users (15,000 companies), contributors (150) and translators (300). While some in our community know far more about how to do analytics with Metabase than we do, a great many are setting up analytics for the first time. It can be a confusing and frustrating experience to wrangle databases, sources of data, transformations, and all the other hickups that come with the territory. We need someone to lead the effort to simplify their lives, get them set up, running and happy with their data and help them learn more as they go. This will be a fluid blend of activities day to day – you’ll pull together the strands of community, research, education, analytics and product development into a cohesive whole.

What you’ll do

  • Build out our overall community engagement as a product
  • Scalably connect with our community of 15,000 companies using Metabase
  • Weave together educational content (written, video, in-app), tutorials, code samples and adjacent mini-products to level up the folks that use Metabase
  • Systematize the collection of feedback from our community – quantitative and qualitative
  • Working with writers, engineers, designers, analysts and devops to get community products (both software, systems and educational) up and running
  • Continually evaluate and improve how well we’re helping our community

You should have

  • a systemic mind
  • a strong technical background
  • a strong analytics background
  • strong organizational skills
  • compulsive automation disorder
  • an interest in helping people learn how to use data
  • worked in a product focused company
  • experience with a design process
  • good writing skills and the ability to write to a variety of audiences

You should know (or learn quickly):

  • How open source communities work
  • How to use Metabase
  • How business intelligence and analytics work
  • The fundamentals of data science (such that you understand what’s possible, not as a practitioner)


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