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  • 2 years ago

Job Information

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Job Description

Thank you for reading. We’re a language education company located in Eugene, Oregon, United States, looking for our new head of customer success! This is a remote position, meaning you can work from home.

This is a unique position; we’re looking for someone who’s intelligent, hardworking, and ready to learn new things. You’ll do everything from basic customer service, to analyze data with our CEO to help determine how best we can grow the company.

What will you do?

  • 40 hours of availability per week; this is a full-time position.
  • Work from home! A good internet connection will be required.
  • Work with everyone from the CEO of our company, to our teachers, to our software engineers to help us continuously get better at keeping our current customers happy and acquire new customers.
  • Customer service: support our current customers when they have questions or problems.
  • Sales: help us gain new customers by connecting with people who contact us and reach out to new potential customers who we’ve never connected with.
  • Software: you’ll use innovative, leading edge software every day.
  • Communication Channels: you’ll communicate with our customers and prospects through chat, email, phone call, SMS, video meeting, and possibly more in the future.
  • Marketing: you may help us with some marketing projects from time to time!
  • Innovate and create: we’re a growing company, and we’re looking for someone who is intelligent, hardworking, and willing to help us figure out new tactics to make our customers happy. This is not a job where you will just answer customer emails all day; in-fact right now, between email and chat we only have about ~1 hour of work per day. What will you do the rest of the day? Help us grow! Help us find new customer bases, research new markets, try out new tools for customer service and sales, plus much more. You’ll look at data analytics with our CEO. You’ll try out new tactics!


  • Experience either in customer service, sales, or some other role where you communicated frequently with a business’s customers
  • Exceptional written and spoken English
  • A quiet place to work at home, with a solid wired ethernet internet connection, in a room that is clean and professional. You will be having video meetings with some customers, so looking professional is essential.

About Us

We teach foreign languages! Our headquarters are in Oregon, United States, but we have teachers and customers all over the world. German teachers in Germany, Spanish teachers in Latin America, Italian teachers in Italy, and much more. Our customers are largely in the United States, but we do have customers in over 60 countries, and this is growing continuously.