Fully Remote Companies in 2020

What once belonged in a science fiction novel is now becoming the norm. Every day we’re seeing more and more fully remote companies opening up shop and reaping the endless benefits of having a 100% remote and globally distributed workforce.

If your career is centered around online work or you’re hoping to make a switch to a more modern employer, check out this list of fully remote companies that are hiring in 2020. The list is being continuously updated, so make sure to keep the page bookmarked if you’re on a mission to find jobs online.


About the Company

Buffer offers social media management tools for businesses looking to boost their online engagement and better understand their audiences. Over 75,000 businesses worldwide use Buffer’s programs to perfect their marketing strategies. 

Remote Work Philosophy

Buffer first began hiring remote employees in 2011, while it was still a start-up and closed its head offices to become 100% remote in 2015 (Buffer). The enterprise is a vocal advocate for the virtues of online jobs, citing numerous improved mental health, a multicultural workforce, and the unrivaled freedom to travel as the biggest reason why remote work is the way of the future.

Jobs from Home at Buffer

Today, Buffer has 79 remote employees located across 53 cities worldwide, from Portland to Sydney (Timezone). Their team is made up of everything from software engineers to marketing experts, and diversity is ingrained in their recruitment policy.


About the Company

ConvertKit provides automation tools that allow artists and creators to grow their outreach through email marketing. It boasts a clientele base of over 250,000 creatives making a living online (ConvertKit).

Remote Work Philosophy

ConvertKit prioritises a healthy work/life balance for all of its employees and champions online work as an effective way to achieve this (ConvertKit). In addition to its 100% remote workforce, the company also prides itself on being completely independent, with zero third-party investors.

Jobs from Home at ConvertKit

The firm’s employee base is nearly 50-strong and distributed across 40 cities all over the planet (ConvertKit). It integrates talent with backgrounds in software engineering, product design, HR, and much more.


About the Company

Doist is the parent company behind the apps Todoist, a project-management platform with a user base of over 20 million, and Twist, a communication tool recommended by a number of internationally-renowned companies, including Starbucks.

Remote Work Philosophy

Doist encourages its employees to work from anywhere on their own schedules and promotes a productive and healthy lifestyle by providing them with reimbursement for co-working spaces and high-speed Internet connections (Doist). It considers the diversity of its workforce to be one of its greatest strengths (Forbes).

Jobs from Home at Doist

This fully-remote company employs over 90 professionals across 20 countries, from South Korea to Brazil. It hires individuals with expertise in a vast number of fields, from translation to PR.


About the Company

GrooveHQ is a platform that allows small businesses and start-ups to streamline their customer support management, creating a single dashboard through which all of their clientele communication channels can be easily accessed. GrooveHQ’s products are used by some of the world’s best-known companies, including Shopify and AT&T.

Remote Work Philosophy

GrooveHQ is extremely passionate about its fully remote workforce, having published a large number of articles in praise of working from home (GrooveHQ). It has been 100% remote for over seven years and its CEO Alex Turnbull states that this style of working has allowed for greater employee-employer trust and an improved sense of freedom, among other benefits (GrooveHQ).

Jobs from Home with GrooveHQ

The employee base is relatively small, with only 21 registered on LinkedIn. It offers jobs from home in the fields of engineering, design, and marketing.



About the Company

HotJar is a suite of marketing tools that allows users to visualise and gain an in-depth understanding of their audiences’ behaviour online. Over 350,000 organisations worldwide have used HotJar’s insights to improve their marketing strategies (HotJar).

Remote Work Philosophy

Striving to stay ahead of the curve, HotJar has had a 100% remote team since its inception (HotJar). It has refined online work to an exact science, having established a day-to-day structure for its remote employees while still privileging a strong work-life balance. The company regularly organizes virtual team-building activities for its workers and even schedules twice-yearly in-person meetups.

Jobs from Home at HotJar

Though its headquarters are located in Malta, HotJar employs over 75 people across Europe, Africa and the Americas. It welcomes remote workers into its various departments, including marketing, customer experience, and product development (HotJar).


About the Company

MeetEdgar provides social media marketing tools that allow professionals to automate and schedule their online posts. Creatives and entrepreneurs alike recommend MeetEdgar as a means of optimizing their social media presence.

Remote Work Philosophy

The MeetEdgar team is 100% remote and the company heralds online jobs as instrumental to a productive and happy workforce. Employees work during traditional business hours, which MeetEdgar states allows them to keep work and home life strictly separate.

Jobs from Home with MeetEdgar

This fully remote company employs a total of 13 professionals based across North America and in the UK (MeetEdgar). They recruit new talent in the areas of development, customer experience, operations, and marketing.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

About the Company

Scott’s Cheap Flights aims to save customers money on plane tickets by keeping them updated with email alerts which let them know about the latest deals available on flights from the airport of their choice. The service has over 2 million users and counting.

Remote Work Philosophy

Jobs at Scott’s Cheap Flights are exclusively remote, and the company’s policies promote a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle for all of its employees, with perks like a stipend for a gym membership and reimbursement for technological equipment (Scott’s Cheap Flights).

Jobs from Home at Scott’s Cheap Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights has a team of more than 30 “travel aficionados” living in various spots across the globe, from Spain to Seattle (Scott’s Cheap Flights). The company offers online jobs in customer service, design, engineering, and marketing.


About the Company

Toggl is a tool used by employers to track remote workers’ billable hours in real-time and improve productivity. Its time-tracking software is used by over 70,000 companies worldwide, including Amazon and Google (Toggl).

Remote Work Philosophy

Since the tool itself is designed for remote employers and employees, it’s no surprise that Toggl itself is a fully remote company. As a rule, it allows hirees to choose when and where they work and encourages frequent travel among its workforce (Toggl).

Jobs from Home at Toggl

Toggl’s staff are 80-strong and located across 19 time zones. It recruits talent for online work in marketing, product design, software development and more.


About the Company

Zapier is a piece of software that integrates multiple apps on your phone or laptop and systematically performs tasks, such as uploading files and sending alerts, to automate part of your daily workflow. 3 million users use Zapier to take the tedium out of their professional lives.

Remote Work Philosophy

This 100% remote company strives for total diversity and inclusion among its workforce. It organizes company retreats twice a year so that its remote employees can mingle in person, and encourages constant travel and self-improvement with its unlimited vacation policy and professional development allowance (Zapier).

Jobs from Home at Zapier

The Zapier team comprises over 300 employees located across 28 countries (Zapier). The enterprise hires professionals who are skilled in marketing, engineering, operations, customer support and more (Zapier).

The number of fully remote companies worldwide is continuously growing and opening vacancies in a wide variety of fields. If you’re searching for that perfect online job, make sure you check out the positions these companies have to offer.

Did we miss anything? Comment below and let us know what other fully remote companies should be on this list. 

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