5 Remote Social Media Jobs Available Right Now

The convenience of remote work is appealing to many of us, for a wide variety of reasons. Fortunately, there are many exciting online jobs out there that might interest you. Social media is an especially in-demand category at the moment. If you’re skilled in this area, check out these descriptions of remote social media jobs:

Social Media Coordinator

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: Koreaboo
  • Full-time (40+ hours per week); contract position

As a social media coordinator, your main goal will be to increase engagement and attract new followers for Koreaboo’s social media accounts. You will post and manage content that will engage Koreaboo’s current and potential readers.

You will manage the company’s social media accounts- Instagram and Twitter will be the main focus. The social media coordinator will regularly update the company’s Instagram account, transforming news articles to Instagram stories and posts. The social media coordinator will provide content for IGTV on a regular basis.

The social media coordinator will tweet about the Korean entertainment industry. You will have to identify viral trends and the topics that the audience wants to see, covering them in the company’s social media accounts.

If you have a solid understanding of Korean, this will be very helpful when applying for this job. You will also need excellent familiarity with the Korean entertainment industry, individual K-Pop fandoms, and K-Pop in general. APPLY HERE.

Social Media Specialist

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: Coalition Technologies
  • BA in Communications, Marketing, Business, New Media or Public Relations

The social media specialist at Coalition Technologies must be skilled with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media platforms. Applicants need an extensive understanding of the many types of audiences and the best practices in social media in optimizing traffic and engagement. You must be experienced with social media management platforms (Hootsuite is the preference).

At least two years of experience in helping global consumer brands by building their social media presence is necessary. Applicants also require experience in managing social media presence for clientele in both the B2C and B2B arenas. You will need to prove success in building strong social momentum and devotion to different brands.

This position requires a BA in a discipline such as Marketing, Communications, New Media, Business, or Public Relations. APPLY HERE.

Facebook Group Administrator

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer:
  • 2 years experience

If you have worked as an online community manager for at least two years, you could be eligible to apply for a Facebook Group Administrator job at This job requires experience in launching community initiatives, as well. Examples of this include tasks such as creating a series of events and writing an email newsletter and creating an online forum.

Being highly skilled with Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are essential. The ability to keep track of applicable community metrics (such as UCG rate, active users, and retention) is also needed.

Facebook group administrators are most successful when they have outgoing and optimistic personalities. They should enjoy helping people, providing solutions to their problems. Communication skills are also an essential part of this job. APPLY HERE.

Brand Social Media Specialist

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: Danette May
  • Part-time position of about 20 hours/week

The brand social media specialist at Danette May requires strong research skills and an understanding of relevant social trends. In this job, you would be required to prepare a social campaign for every week. This includes preparing a grid and copy direction.

You would be the project manager for the Social Media team, assigning all tasks. The brand social media specialist is responsible for the management of brand promotional stories. You would also collaborate with other brands when planning promotions and giveaways.

The brand social media specialist needs the technical skills to be able to solve all technical issues. You would go to virtual marketing meetings and begin all social marketing campaigns.

Having a bachelor’s degree in a field such as communications or marketing will put you in a stronger position when applying for this job. Between two and four years of social media and brand marketing experience, as well as advanced knowledge of social media platforms, analytics, and tools are needed. APPLY HERE.

Editorial and Social Media Marketer

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: Toggl
  • Salary: €35,000 ( $37k+)

The remote editorial and social media marketer is instrumental in managing the company’s social media feeds and blog publishing schedule. In this position, you would work with the content manager to ensure that social media and blog publishing are consistent.

The remote editorial and social media marketer will co-develop a Toggl Style Guide with the content manager. This professional will also manage commissions and pitches from freelancers. He or she will engage with user-generated content and those who create it, posting on a regular basis.

In order to succeed in this job, the remote editorial and social media marketer will need highly developed editorial and writing skills. Applicants who are experienced in working remotely and/or managing freelancers will have an advantage. APPLY HERE.

Social Media is a Promising Field

As we’ve seen here, social media is full to the brim with potential and opportunities. Some positions are suitable for those closer to entry-level in experience and skill, while others call for more knowledge and know-how. Certain positions, such as social media specialist and brand social media specialist, ask for a college degree and at least two years of experience. The remote editorial and social media marketer position ask for applicants with highly developed writing and editorial skills and experience.

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