5 Remote Marketing Jobs available now

On the lookout for remote marketing jobs right now? There is more remote work out there for digital marketing pros than you might think. We’ve compiled a list of five dynamic companies with vacancies right now. Read on to find out how you can apply for these exciting remote jobs!

PPC Strategist

  • Candidates location: APAC Region
  • Employer: In Marketing We Trust
  • Ideally, be able to work GMT+ 8 / GMT+11

This remote marketing job involves creating and overseeing pay-per-click campaigns with a view to growing clients’ audiences across a range of digital channels. You will innovate ways to optimize ad performance and cost-per-click and develop new strategies to improve clients’ ROI.

In Marketing We Trust is an international digital marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia. It has a remote team distributed across 15 countries. APPLY HERE.

Digital Marketing Coach

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: Growth Tools
  • Start working at 10 – 20 hours per week (and increasing throughout the year)

This position is centered around providing expert guidance and support for clients as they take their marketing strategies to the next level. Working remotely, your responsibilities will be to build strong relationships with clients while monitoring their process and motivating them to grow their businesses.

Growth Tools strives to craft marketing strategies for budding companies across North America. In addition to its marketing coach services, it has also developed a number of online marketing tools and courses. APPLY HERE.


Digital Marketing Manager

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: Security Public Storage
  • 3+ years experience

As a digital marketing manager, you will plan, launch and optimize advertising campaigns across a range of online channels for a self-storage facility company. In this remote job, you will draw from your expertise of the latest marketing trends to drive ad performance, improve campaign structuring and regularly monitor analytics.

Security Public Storage is a daughter company of BACO Realty Corporation, whose headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.  It has 49 locations across the US. APPLY HERE.

Marketing Specialist

  • Candidates location: USA only
  • Employer: Silent Eight
  • Degree in Marketing, English, Journalism or related field

A marketing specialist is needed to oversee the implementation of a range of marketing strategies, including the creation of content for social media, the management of branded merchandise, and the optimization of brand visibility. For this remote marketing job, you will need experience in market research and running social media campaigns.

Silent Eight is a RegTech firm aiming to help companies protect themselves from criminal activity. It has built a talented team of remote workers dotted across the globe. APPLY HERE.

Online Reputation Manager

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: MailerLite
  • Salary: $16,000 – $30,000 (gross)

This remote work involves creating and managing consistent brand representation across a range of platforms, as well as building relationships with clients. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, an understanding of SEO and content marketing, and an ability to multitask. 

MailerLite is an email marketing service with its headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, who has cooperated with close to a million businesses across the globe. APPLY HERE.

Remote marketing jobs aren’t so hard to come by—but don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Apply now to be in with a chance of nabbing a fantastic digital marketing job that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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