5 Remote Customer Service jobs available now

Working in customer service is the ideal role for people who enjoy interacting with others and helping them. It’s a rewarding opportunity for people who want to make a difference by providing a service. These remote customer service jobs provide the opportunity to work in customer service remotely making it easier to fit working in with other aspects of life.

Customer Support Specialist

  • Candidates location: USA only
  • Employer: Handshake
  • 15-20 hours per week during our business hours of Monday through Friday
  • This role is a 3-month contract with a possibility of conversion to full-time

This role involves helping students across the country connect with potential employers. This is a vital service in helping students to develop their career path. The individual who secures this role will be responsible for providing email support to students and employers. They will also be expected to share trends and observations with the wider team in order to improve the service provided. APPLY HERE

Customer Experience Specialist

  • Candidates location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: Continued
  • Hours are Monday-Friday: 7:30am-4:30pm Pacific time / 8:30am-5:30pm Mountain time (must live in one of those time zones)

This employer is looking for someone who is keen to be involved in all areas of customer service. The successful applicant will be required to help with customer queries, provide technical assistance and inform customers about aspects of the service. In this role, communication with the customer will be via live chat, phone, and email.  APPLY HERE

Customer Success Team Member

  • Candidates Location: USA only
  • Employer: GlobeIn
  • Salary: 12 USD / hour

The aim of this role is to provide exceptional personalized customer service. The successful candidate will also be responsible for using technology, including the updating of a CRM system. They will also play an important role in improving the service provided by feeding back observations to the wider team. APPLY HERE

Customer Service Representative

  • Location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: BroadPath Healthcare Solutions
  • Candidates must be able to commit to 25 hours per week, 10:00am-3:00pm Eastern, Monday-Friday.

The successful applicant for this role will be involved with helping pharmacy plan members. This service will include answering questions about eligibility, informing people about prescription status and contacting members if there is an issue with a prescription. The successful candidate will also need to adhere to call handling time standards and complete after call work. APPLY HERE

Customer Support Representative

  • Location: Work from anywhere
  • Employer: Gimkit
  • $65,000 a year or 30% more than the average person makes in your city with the same role and experience (whichever is higher)

The primary form of contact for this customer service role is email. The successful applicant will be responsible for responding to customers, creating content to reach out to customers and providing feedback to inform product development. This will involve compiling around 100 emails per day. There will also be involvement in providing support on Twitter and creating documentation as well as the potential to host some classes. APPLY HERE

Choosing the right remote work

All of these are exciting remote customer service jobs. However, there are certain role requirements which may be more appropriate to some individuals than others. Matching personal expertise and ability to these requirements is essential when looking for the right remote work.

There are some attributes that are common to all of these remote customer service jobs. These attributes include:

  • A passion for problem-solving
  • A high EQ
  • Good attention to detail
  • Ability to achieve results
  • Ability to work independently
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team, even as a remote member
  • Strong work ethic

In addition, it’s interesting to examine the attributes for individual roles.

Anyone interested in applying for the Customer Support Specialist role needs to have technical aptitude as they will be expected to use databases and be able to resolve basic programming issues.

For the Customer Experience Specialist, there is a requirement to have at least two years of customer service experience. So this is potentially good remote work for experienced customer service professionals.

The Customer Success Team Member opportunity is especially suited to people who are interested in helping female members of the community and who can commit to working outside of 9-5 hours.

For the Customer Service Representative role, there is a need to be computer literate and to provide the equipment needed to carry out the role, such as a monitor and wired mouse.

To potentially be successful when applying for the Customer Support Representative role applicants need to be great writers. They also need to understand web-based software.

Anyone who thinks they have the right attributes for these roles should take a closer look. They could be exactly the right remote work opportunity.

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