10 benefits of working from home

(Told by a veteran remote worker)

Ready to ditch the suits, cubicles and conference rooms for something a bit more modern? If you’re one of the lucky people who’s landed a remote job, you already know there are many perks to working from home. But what are the three main reasons employees everywhere are choosing to go remote?

  1. Time-Saving
  2. Money-Saving
  3. The ability to choose the job that suits you best, instead of whatever is available nearby

Personally, I’ve worked from home for over six years, after a career in the mainstream corporate world, and I’ve never looked back. Let’s take a closer look at the numerous benefits of working remotely, and dive into the many reasons why more and more people are opting to work from home. 

1. Commuting – Gone are the days of factoring one hour of traffic into my morning routine. The only commute I have to worry about now is how many steps it takes to get from the coffee pot in the kitchen, to my desk. Why waste valuable evening time you could be spending with your family and friends, on a bus or train from the office? One of the benefits of living in a major European city, is access to excellent public transportation. Personally, I have no need for a car, as any place I’m going after work can be easily reached by bus or train. If I want to opt for a weekend outside the city, I either rent a car or take one of Europe’s widely-available train lines. On this front, working from home has saved me at least 4,000 euros (4,500 USD) a year, by not owning a car.

2. Work Clothes – When I worked in banking, I used to spend a lot of money on clothes shoes, and accessories to keep up my appearance in the office. We’re talking at least 1,600 euros (1,800 USD) each year on shopping solely for the office. Not to mention, the money I’d spend on “regular clothes.” Now, even if I work from a co-working space, I’m all set with my everyday attire. In theory, this means I’m saving almost 2,000 euros per year on clothing! But in reality, I’d say my budget for everyday clothes (co-working approved!) has seen a slight increase 😉

3. Lunch Habits – Working from home means that you can easily prepare healthy meals during lunchtime, from scratch. No more spending 10 euros (11 USD) on lunches from the same four places every day. There’s no need to worry about what’s within walking distance, when you’ve got a refrigerator, stove, spices, and everything you need in your own kitchen (assuming you’ve got a well-stocked kitchen…). Statistically speaking, that’s another 1200 euros (1350 USD) worth of savings a year (assuming half of those 10 euros would be budgeted for the ingredients to cook at home). 

Preparing lunch while working from home

4. Organization – This has been a BIG perk for me this year, as my house was undergoing constant renovations. Renovations mean numerous daily deliveries, plumbers, electricians- the works! And working from home allowed me to be there for all of it. No dashing out of the office for five minutes, to wait for a plumber who won’t arrive for another two hours. Whenever the technician arrived at my house, I’d take an actual five-minute break to open the door, explain the issue, and then get back to work. Personally, I find this to be a stress-saver even more than a time-saver!

5. Work From Anywhere – (I mean anywhere) – Throughout my over six years of remote work, I’ve visited Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, the USA (from Hawaii to Miami), Canada and tons of European cities and islands. I’m not listing these places to make you jealous, but rather to make the point that I was working the entire time. Waking up to a regular workday, with Hawaii as a backdrop, taking lunch at the beach, and exploring new restaurants and bars after 6 pm, is something that most people only dream of. But it’s the reality for many people who work remotely. I tend to spend winters in warmer destinations, like the chill island of Fuerteventura (which has a surprisingly great internet connection, despite being so remote!), and once I hop off the quick flight, it’s back to business as usual. 


6. Making Connections… Everywhere! – If you decide to travel while working remotely, it’s only natural that you’ll meet numerous new people along the way, from all across the globe. If you opt to work from a co-working space, you’re bound to make even more connections. However, working from home also allows you to make virtual connections with your colleagues who might be based in another part of the world. In the company I work for, there are over 30 employees, who all work remotely. We come from 16 different countries, from both of the Americas, throughout Europe and across the continent to Asia. I’ve become good friends with many of my colleagues, and we all routinely make trips to visit each other, learning about the many cultures we’re comprised of, and enjoying our similarities, despite coming from different postal codes.

7. No Office Distractions – I love working from home because it’s my quiet place. I have my comfy chair, my large desk and, most importantly, peace. No one disturbs me while I’m focused, and there are no loud distractions coming from a neighboring cubicle. I can even mute my company Skype chat when I need maximum focus. Over the years, I’ve found I can accomplish way more this way than I could when I was working in a traditional office, with over 100 desks and phones ringing nonstop.

8. Choosing the Right Employer – With remote jobs becoming more and more popular, you’re no longer restricted to working for companies based in your city. Imagine being able to go after the company you admire and scoring a position you actually want, without having to uproot your entire life. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. Land the job of your dreams, regardless of where you live. Use our employer search tool here to find remote companies located anywhere in the world, and check out if their current job openings are right for you.

9. More Family Time – When you cut the commuting time to and from the office, you suddenly have up to two extra hours a day to cuddle your kids, hubby, furry friend or bottle of wine. That’s a lot of extra hours every year, spent with the people who matter most. You can also expect increased energy levels once you omit the dull ride home from work. Both myself, and my partner, have a home office based in one country, but parents who are living in two entirely different countries. If we only had the typical 20 days of vacation time per year – we would spend at least seven days with one family, another seven days with another, and then we’d barely have one week left for our own personal vacation in a new place. Working remotely means that we can spend as much time as we want with either of our parents, and still have months to explore other locations.

Working from home mother

10.  Travel More. Travel Cheaper. – Working remotely means you can travel at any time of the year. You can avoid peak holiday seasons, when prices are up to four times higher, and book flights and accommodation in the middle or low seasons. Did you know that if you rent accommodation for one month on Airbnb, it’s sometimes only a few dollars more than renting the same place for only two weeks? When you’re not restricted by dates and timeframes, you can really get so much more from your budget, and have money left over to explore an entirely new place. 

If this list of benefits sounds like something you could see enhancing your life, you’re not alone. As a remote working veteran, I hope that you see yourself working remotely too, as I know there are tons of perks waiting for you. Let Mondjo help you find your next job, and let that job be online work. 

MONDJO comes from the words mondo (World in Italian) and Job – which is exactly what we do. MONDJO helps you to find jobs online, anywhere in the world. Check out our current jobs listing here and create your free profile here. Once you list your skills (it takes less than a minute!), you will be notified about all of our work from home jobs that meet your skillset profile. Let us know how it goes, and I hope to see you soon, in a co-working space somewhere around the world!

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